Who am I?

Who is DimDim you say?

I am a computer engineer with a penchant for DIY audio and electronics in general.

You can find me on a bunch of social networks, like:






I am a (very) active member of the avclub.gr community:






I do the occasional “mix tape” on Mixcloud:






Plus I have a YouTube channel, mainly Arduino and DIY Audio oriented:






..and an Instagram account, where I post pseudo-artsy stuff (like everyone else)..






I try to keep my work separate from my hobbies, but in case you’re interested:


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Hello,

    With refernce to Your articled about Soekris DAM1021 boards and small board Soekris dam1021 S/PDIF & USB Board, can You send me Berber files of three small boards for .

    A board for the DAM’s J3 header, exposing its (currently) useful signals. I2S input is via U.FL sockets.
    A board for the Amanero Combo384. It is very basic, all it does is expose its I2S output and its 3.3V output.
    A board for DIYINHK’s XMOS-based non-isolated board. It is also basic,
    exposing its I2S output and its 3.3V power supply input.
    XMOS-based USB receiver, specifically for the DAM boards.

    And I have following questions, do You have any idea, how I can add AES/EBU input to DAM1021, eg small board, hat for Raspberry anything.

    thanks in advance,

    Dejan Djusic

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