So, what is this blog about?

In short, it’s about all things important to me (duh!).

Mainly it’s about computing, electronics, audio/video, music, cinema, etc. with the occasional off topic post about something completely unrelated. 😛



6 thoughts on “So, what is this blog about?

  1. I am building the BIII DAC using Arduino as control and bought the iTead 3.2″ LCD display same as yours. Would you be kind enough to share your library for the display and DAC control?

  2. Hi there!

    I have began adapting the code for the 3.2″ 240×400 display, but it is not quite complete. Specifically, the code runs just fine (using the UTF library) but I have not yet made the changes necessary to take advantage of the higher resolution. Still, it works, so you could give it a try.

    These past few weeks I have been short on time but I plan on continuing the project soon.

    I will upload the code tonight, along with the necessary font files.

    • Thanks, as I only have the GLCD, I can’t use the library of HIFIDUNO. Your code will let me have a quick start on the BIII build.

    • Thanks for the code, I experience several problem with the code and hope you can help. I use Arduino Mega 2560 and iSteadstudio GTFT display with touch screen. As the touch screen used pin 2-6, so I reassign pin 9, 11 & 12 for the rotary decoder. the select switch of the decoder works fine but no function for the volume control. The volume decreased when I touch the screen, it seems that I can’t change the pin assignment from 2 to 9 for VolDownpin as the touch screen is using pin 2.
      Another problem is I2C output, there is no signal at pin A4 and A5. I can’t find any setting in the program for the I2C output pin, can you advise me where to find it.


      • I’m afraid that I haven’t yet played around with the touch functionality of the display, so I don’t have any experience with it. What I know is that the rotary encoder needs a pin that can be assigned an interrupt, hence the pin 2 selection. If you can, you should try changing the pin assignment of the touch screen (I don’t know whether the library supports it).

        The I2C output on the Mega is pins 20 & 21 (SDA & SCL), and not A4 & A5. There is no setting in the code. Pins 20&21 must be used.

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