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At times some of you have tried contacting me via Facebook chat. That is really not a good idea, since FB messages from non-friends go into a seldom-noticed and almost-never-checked Other inbox. So these messages usually go unnoticed.

The preferred method of communication is by making a comment under the relevant post or page, but you may also contact me via this email :

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  2. Hi Dimitris,

    I really don’t want to disturb you, but I wrote an email to you, if I can buy a motherboard PCB (AK4490 project), or if there is any possibility getting the design files.
    Thank you for your reply in advance.

  3. We’d like to submit this record for your consideration.

    Release: Ruff Diamond, TAZ, Wanja Janeva – ‘Extra High’
    Label: SupaEarth Records
    Genre(s): Disco, Funk, House

    Stores & Streaming:
    Press Release:

    Many thanks!

    SupaEarth Records

  4. Hi Dimdim, I planning to build the TFT Hifiduino, so I need the isolator board… Do you still have it for sale? Is there a “populated” version (with all components soldered)?

  5. Hi Dimitris,

    Is it possible to buy a main and output stage PSBs (2 x AK4490 project), or if there is other possibility getting the design files.

    Thank you,


    • Hi there Victor, I haven’t updated my blog yet but there have been new version of the boards made, so as to also support the AK4493 DAC chips plus a slightly updated design of the discrete output board.

      I do have a few spare boards. Contact me if you’re still interested.

  6. Hi DimDim,

    Regarding the “ArDAM1021 Lite Project”, I bought dam1941 and I read other people using your ArDAM1021 Lite connecting to 1941 so I would also like to do the same. The dam1941 already has support of IR and encoder. So can I just plug the Nano + OLED without connecting IR to the Nano but the changes in IR and encoder can be reflected in the OLED?

    • Hello!

      I didn’t even know that people were using the ArDAM lite with the 1941. I’m afraid that I can’t help you with this question.

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