9 thoughts on “New page: La Skala Arduino controlled ladder attenuator

  1. Great work Dimitris

    I feel compeled to try to make a double sided PCB with surface mount relays and melfs on both sides of the board…..much like another member of DIYAudio did years ago.

    Veteran was the nik, problem was at the time that he did not release the code….now we can play with this one 🙂

    once i am happy with it i will send it to you for your apraisal, the idea is to use tiny HF smd relays like we use for Putseys Preamp , this will result in a very compact PCB…..i want to use Old school inteligent LED matrix displays ( eg SLR2016 ) which i think look really cool.


  2. Excellent project again dimdim. This would be an interesting upgrade for my future tube preamps and integrated amps. Are you willing to share the PCB eagle files? I could order a batch of PCBs for all my future builds.

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