Stop the press: Archphile is back! Codename: “corona”

Archphile used to be the RPi audio distribution of choice for the most hard-core RPi-lovin’ audiophiles around until last June when Michael (tuxx) decided to drop it.

Then in January he hinted to it coming back at some point.

Well, it appears that that moment has come. Head over here for more:

And not a moment too soon.. My Audio Pi is pretty much ready and it is in desperate need of a proper audio distribution. This should be interesting.



3 thoughts on “Stop the press: Archphile is back! Codename: “corona”

  1. The Audio Pi looks interesting. I’ve been considering using a Pi Compute Module 3 as the basis for an enhanced transport.

    I’d enjoy learning more about your approach with it. Allen’s USBridge Signature seems like a nice interpretarion but, in general, information 9online about using the compute module to work around the rPi’s audio limitations seems scarce.

  2. Very interesting project and Im looking forward to see what you will do with the compute module 4.

    Is your plan to use usb or i2s for audio output?

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