Winter 2017-2018 teaser :-)

So many projects, so little time.. Here’s a teaser on what’s to come:

PGA2311-based preamp, with multiple inputs board, controlled by a custom Arduino, with an OLED screen.

Salas DCG3 preamp, powered by custom Salas Shunt Reg 1.2R.

MPD TFT display for Rasberry Pi, controlled by an STM32.

Ian’s Multichannel FIFO.’s DigiOne RPi HAT.

Dual Mono AK4490 DAC with on-board Si570 programmable oscillator and reclocking, Single ended Class A discreet output stage, Arduino controlled with STM32 controller and 3.5″ TFT screen.

Arduino controlled AK4118 based s/pdif receiver, with AK4137 SRC.



18 thoughts on “Winter 2017-2018 teaser :-)

  1. Where do you find the time??!!!

    Nice to see the STM32s used – are you programming them with the Arduino IDE a la

    • I can’t really find the time, thus the big backlog of unfinished and unpublished projects.. Some of these have been done (or semi-done) for at least a year.. 😛

      All of the STM32 based projects are done on the Arduino IDE.. I’m too lazy to learn anything else.. 😛

      • Ha! Yes, know what you mean, especially about learning new programming for the STMs. Look forward to seeing the PGA2311 and MPD projects.

        In the top left of the second image down, is that orange board one of the eBay $6.65 BB 5102A DAC boards? If so, what’s your opinion of it? I have been looking at them as an alternative to the $30 DIYINHK equivalent.

        • That’s a very good eye you got there. You’re right.

          The idea was to compare it to the almost-same-price 9023-based Ebay DACs. Problem is I haven’t got around to actually powering it up. So it too is on the to-do list..

          • Great minds…and all that. I, too, ordered the 5102A and a 9023 to compare. Haven’t received them yet. Maybe I’ll beat you to that point on the to-do list. Meanwhile, get back to work…we’re waiting on those write-ups 😜

    • Hi there Adrian,

      No, since there appeared to be no interest.. I’ll cook up something when I get around to putting my DCG3 in a proper enclosure.

      • looking forward to it, i have mine on prototype board, dont want to drill a faceplate until i see your Arduino implementation.

    • The INVR & INVL registers are pretty much what you’d expect them to be. They invert the signals of the right and left channels respectively. I make use of them in my build because my discreet output stage is inverting. This way the DAC as a whole is non inverting.

  2. Does the PGA2311 preamp project include IR remote control? Been looking for a non-pot remote controlled volume control for a Peter Daniel gainclone. Seeing as how you’re nearly done it’d be ideal….;-))

  3. Hi!
    I’m planning to build an audio receiver based on the AK4118 and I saw that you used the same chip for one of the projects.
    I’m looking for information about this chip or a reference design, but the only documentation I’ve found is the datasheet… Where did you find the documentation on this chip?


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