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  1. Hi
    Found your post
    I’ve been trying today to change dac in my burson audio virtuoso. Original chip is 9018 and I’ve been trying to out 9018pro but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you know what could be a problem?

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  3. Hello! Please tell me what determines the choice of the Due microcontroller for project management? is it possible to simplify the code and transfer it to a simpler Atmega, as far as I understand, Due is needed to work with a graphical display and the source code project has lost a lot of volume in view of this. Is it possible to leave the main functionality and remove all the graphical bells and whistles with the display in order to transfer the project to a simpler Atmega microcontroller?

    • You are correct, the main reason for the Due is for driving the LCD. You could slim down the code and fit it into a much smaller micro-controller. But I don’t think that you could get it to shrink enough so as to fit into the 32KB of flash of an Atmega328. The original HiFiDuino code barely fit into that, and it had less functionality than my code.
      I would say that 64KB of flash should be enough though.

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