Arduino Yún, Part 2

OK, I have had my Yún for 3 days now, so let’s get started.

First of all, pictures:




The heart of the Arduino core: the Atmel MEGA32U4 microcontroller. 32KB of Flash memory, 2,5KB of SRAM and 1KB of EEPROM, the usual I/O, essentially a Leonardo. Pretty classic stuff.

What is not visible in the pictures, is this:
Atheros_AR9331_2This is the Atheros AR9331 processor. It runs at 400MHz, has 16MB of Flash, 64MB of RAM and runs Linino, a Linux distribution based on OpenWRT.




Now, with 3 different reset switches! From left to right, for the Yun (Linux), the WiFi and the 32U4 (Arduino).

I was wandering how fast “upload a sketch over WiFi” was, so I made a little video comparing it to the classic “upload over USB”:

Arduino Yún


Now, this is interesting. An Arduino that has an on-board processor that runs Linux and supports Ethernet and WiFi.

It is essentially a Leonardo with an Atheros AR9331 running Linino, an OpenWRT distribution.

They talk to each other through what is called a Bridge library. There is also an official Guide that looks very comprehensive.


A lovely feature is Arduino programming over WiFi! 🙂

Naturally, I ordered one as soon as it became available (that is, today!) and should have it in a few days.

Stay tuned..