Soekris dam1021 Arduino Control Code

A few days ago Soren announced that the release of the new firmware for the dam1021 was close.

In light of that announcement I have decided to release the Arduino code that I had written a few months back, even though it is not quite finished.

2015-07-31 18.15.44_res

I am doing this to help fellow Arduino & dam1021 enthusiasts in their quest of remote-controlled color TFT bliss.

So, for now, no real documentation – this is no polished piece of software, but it works (for the most part).

Since it is based on the TFT HiFiDuino code, you can get started by reading its documentation. It should not be hard to get started with this. The code itself also contains useful comments.

I should remind you that the dam1021 at the moment only “talks” real RS-232, meaning that a circuit that converts the TTL level serial port of the Arduino to a real RS-232 port is necessary.
However, we were promised that with the firmware upgrade the second, isolated TTL serial port would be enabled, so here’s hoping..

Also, I have come across a strange problem with the serial communication with the dac. In the beginning all is well but after a while the dam no longer responds to the commands that are sent by the Arduino. However, it (the dam) is still sending data back to the Arduino – when the sampling rate changes, the new SR is displayed properly on the TFT.

I have verified that the Arduino is indeed sending the commands to the dam:



I hope the problem gets sorted out in the new firmware release.

Anyway, here is the code: ArDAM1021 Code (68652 downloads )  The project also has its own page:

Let me know what you think. I promise to put more work into it in the next few weeks..

@ the Beach Bar, Vol. 6 (Parts 1 & 2) (July 2015)

This is a special 2-part extended edition of the @ the Beach Bar Series.

Greece may be in deep trouble, but we should not let that bring us down.

No matter what the outcome of today’s referendum, we remain United and Strong!

Part 1:

At The Beach Bar Vol. 6 (Part 1) (July 2015) by Dimitris Dimitrakoudis on Mixcloud

1. Synapson feat. Victor Deme - Djon Maya Mai (Original Mix)
2. Tensnake ft. Nile Rodgers and Fiora - Love Sublime
3. Bipolar Sunshine - Daydreamer (Gryffin Remix)
4. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver - Sunset (Aeroplane Remix)
5. Angelika Dusk feat. Playmen - Beautiful Love
6. The Avener feat. Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go
7. Σtella - Picking Words
8. Hercules & Love Affair - Do You Feel The Same (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
9. Luis Leon - Love Is A Lie (Original Mix)
10. Matvey Emerson feat. Rene - Lights (Anton Ishutin Remix)
11. Soul II Soul - Back To Life (KLATCH's Back To Reality Remix)
12. Sante Cruze - Get So High (Original Mix)
13. Matvey Emerson feat. Rene - Alright (Original Mix)
14. Maxxi Soundsystem feat. Name One - Lone Raver (Original Mix)
15. Claptone - The Music Got Me (Original Mix)
16. Thee Cool Cats & Lika Morgan - Thee Worst (Club Mix)
17. Nathalie West K - Desire (Original Mix)

Part 2:

At The Beach Bar Vol. 6 (Part 2) (July 2015) by Dimitris Dimitrakoudis on Mixcloud

1. Malikk - Just Listen (Original Mix)
2. Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat (2nd Room Remix)
3. Moe Turk feat. Sanna Heartfield - Plan (Original Mix)
4. TWAN Collective feat. Elena - Back to You (Original Mix)
5. Ben Delay - I Told You (Giom Remix)
6. Millok + New5ense - Let It Go (Original Mix)
7. Mark Lower feat. Scarlett Quinn - Like a Prayer (Original Mix)
8. Thee Cool Cats - Man Of The Year (Original Mix)
9. Phunk Investigation - Extasy (Cristian Poow Remix)
10. Escape - Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix)
11. Sharam Jey, West.K - Stay (Original Mix)
12. Serge Devant & Damiano feat. Camille Safiya - Fearing Love (Club Mix)
13. KORT feat. Reno Ka - Stay (Original Mix)
14. Flutters - Those Days Are Over (Mark Lower Remix)
15. Shit Hot Soundsystem - Charlotte
16. Cari Golden, DJ T. feat. Cari Golden - City Life (Maceo Plex Remix)
17. Zimmer x Pallace - Saturday Love
18. Tapetenwechsel - Feel You (Original Mix)
19. Sean Finn, Tinka - Summer Days (Ben Delay Remix)