TFT Hifiduino Code v0.95

Update: TFT Hifiduino Code v0.95 available!

Download from here: B3_arduino_code_v0_95 (Note: As always, the code on this page may not be the current one, i.e. there may be a newer version available. The latest version is always up at the project’s official page.)

Here is a partial changelog:

– Changed rotary encoder code. Should work for MEGA as well as Due (no longer using interrupts).

– Added remote control codes for virtually all of the functionality that is offered by the encoder so now all of the parameters can be set via remote.


– Selection bar is still buggy. Haven’t gotten around to sorting it out.

Missing functionality:

– Disply backlight handling. It is next in line to be sorted.

– Sleep mode. Much research is needed, so won’t be implemented soon.

Also, I’m working on a simple MEGA / Due shield that should simplify things a lot. It is a work in progress, so I’m not ready to publish schematics or anything, but you can have a look at the current version’s 3D model:


SMD: Soldering iron vs. hot air

This is the result of me soldering an SMD with a standard soldering iron:

Soldering Iron soldered

And this is what I accomplished with a hot air rework station, practically on my first try:

Hot Air soldered

That’s it.. I’m hooked on hot air soldering! 🙂

BTW, in case you’re wondering, the first IC is a Si8605 (I2C galvanic isolator) while the second one is a Si8440 (I2S galvanic isolator). Both will be used in my ongoing Buffalo III project.